OnlIne Panel - HearIng and Lıstenıng to the Voıce of Kurdısh Women

Hearing and listening to the voice of Kurdish women/ Bihîstin û guhdarîkirina dengê Jinên Kurd


What is a woman’s voice, how to hear it, how to listen to it? Why does a woman’s voice (sometimes) go unheard, what does it represent, who does it touch, and how does it touch whom? These questions were discussed in the context of how Kurdish women’s voices are heard and listened to, by whom they are expressed as voices and gain the power of representation, and where they face borders and limitations, on the occasion of the book “Voices That Matter” (2023) by social anthropologist Marlene Schäfers (Utrecht), the product of her research and studies with Kurdish women dengbejs, in a panel discussion with Marlene Schäfers, Kurdish cultural heritage researcher and music compiler Zeyneb Yaş (Diyarbakır) and Denbej Xalide.

During the event which is held on on 23 June 2023 Turkish-Kurdish simultaneous interpretation was provided.