Tüm Maliye Sen Women's Congress,
‘We were, we are, we wIll be’

17-18 January 1998

The first women’s congress under the umbrella of KESK was held on 17-18 January 1998, in the conference hall of the DİSK Genel-İş Union under the slogan ‘We have existed, we exist, we will exist’, as stated by Gülsen Ülker, 73 delegates from the provinces of Ankara, Istanbul, Kocaeli, Çanakkale, Antalya and Mersin participated.

These were the discussion topics of the congress:

  • General women’s issues; sexual, national and class exploitation
  • Problems of women working in the finance sector
  • Organization of women and finance workers in the trade union struggle
  • War and woman

During the preparatory work for the congress, a survey was conducted with 647 employees in 7 provinces in order to reveal the practices of gender discrimination in the finance sector, the time use patterns of male and female workers, their problems and demands regarding childcare obligations, and their suggestions about the issues to be discussed at the congress. The results of these surveys were also shared with the delegates at the convention.


Invitation for the preparation of 1998 Tax Office Workers Women’s Congress
Tax Office Workers Women’s Congress Final Declaration
Tax Office Workers Women’s Congress photos
“Vardık Varız Var Olacağız” 
“We Were, We Are, We Will Be”
From the Tax Office Workers Women’s Congress Book