Döne Gevher Koyun

This century will be the century for women to win!

Döne Gevher Koyun

Education and Science Workers’ Union, İstanbul, From the 1990’s to the early 2020, Ankara, ongoing

Previously, I used to take it as a compliment when a male friend called me “You are like a man”. This is not the case with the new generation. In the new generation, women’s consciousness is developing.  This is what they owe to our efforts, and we owe this to our predecessors. It is something that women have accumulated and handed on from the past to the present. It is easier now for women to understand themselves, get to know each other and become partners. …  It is the women who maintain their own principles and take themselves as the reference point in egalitarian relations, and not men… This century will not be a century for women to lose. It will be a century in which women will win. This is a development which has grown from the past to the present. Not from one day to another. It didn’t come with KESK either. It has come with the organisations before KESK, with the feminist movements, with the witches before that, with the women who resisted alone before that… Woman’s identity has been formed through all these sources together.

I am preparing special information boards for March 8 in my class. I taught a lesson in another class for a while, to raise awareness in children. We try to form a generation sensitive to gender equality.


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