Emine Uyarer 

Construction technician as Warden in a tennis hall 

Emine Uyarer

Trade Union of All Municipality Civil Servants, Tüm Bel-Sen, Samsun, from the 1990’s onward

I am a construction technician. One morning, when we went to work we learned that 144 workers were fired. We were shocked. I and four other union representatives were fired. You walk into the office one morning, and you learn that you don’t have a job any more. We organised action with the support of other unionist movements for eight months. We raided the holiday receptions of parliamentarians. We raided the presidential offices. We used all spaces to voice our claims. We went to the soccer match in Samsun with our banners. We won the case at the court. … We were reinstated. They sent us directly to the construction site.  … I was the only woman, working on the construction site, with 45 men. We were sharing the same bus. Then they removed me from the construction site to the tennis court as a warden for eight months. From 8.00am to 10.00pm.

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