Nilgün Aklar

It is my father who does the ironing

Nilgün Aklar 

(All) Work and Social Security Workers’ Union-Tüm Sosyal Sen/ Trade Union of Public Administration Employees  – BES, Ankara, from the 1990s to the 2000s 

Union work has shattered our conventional public servant moulds. Once that mould was broken we started to take steps in politics more comfortably to take on more responsibilities. Once women start to be involved in politics, the families are meant to do so, too. The parents are affected, too,  the husband and the children. The division of domestic labour changes. Children who happen to grow up in such a family notice this change. I experienced this with my daughter Zeynep. She started to protest against the way families are represented in primary school textbooks. For instance, she says, ‘No, it is my father who does the ironing.’

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