Pınar Ömeroğlu

Trusting each other and our trade union

Pınar Ömeroğlu, 

Road Construction, Infrastructure, Public Works, Title Deed,  Land Survey,  Public Sector Employees Trade Union-Yapı-Yol Sen, Ankara, from 1990s onward.

In those days we really went on strike. We wore our strike aprons in İller Bank. In each unit there was a colleague who organised that unit. They organised their unit’s strike. Apart from that there was a main colleague who visited every floor to ensure that everyone would be present in the strike.  İller Bank consisted of two buildings; a total of 18 floors. 10 to 15 people visited both buildings. Except for some directors everyone would go down and be present in the strike. Some directors would also go down, because they were  also union members. It was such a process. Hence, hundreds would go down to the street from those two buildings of İller Bank. I remember that when the police forces interrupted the march of Maliye Sen we went in hundreds to Ulus first, supported the demonstrators in overcoming the police barrier and then went back to Kızılay.  In Kızılay, barriers, gigantic demonstrations, gases, police batons… We were all full of hope. None of us worried about the consequences. We had full confidence in each other and in our trade union. 

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