Süheyla Alıcıoğlu Aydın

Press release and car attack

Süheyla Alıcıoğlu Aydın 

Trade Union of Employees in Public Health and Social Services – SES, Adana, Urfa, 1990s

Our first action was in Ankara. On July 27, 1992, we held a press statement and a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Health in Ankara to protest  for our union rights and against the state oppression and forced relocations. Taxi drivers and private cars  in front of the Ministry tried to run us over. Me and my friend Olcay Bozok fell to the ground after being hit by a car. I was slightly injured. I was very angry that day. Our democratic and peaceful search for rights was wanted to be stopped by lynch practices. I found this especially annoying because the sector we are working  in is a sector that serves the public.

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